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In-Home Mac Support

Ex-Apple Genius

Let me help you learn how to use your Apple products and services more efficiently.

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In-Home Mac Support from an Ex-Apple Genius

We are a team of independent computer consultants and former Apple Genius offering at-home Mac support and training. I started consulting in 2008 part-time and launched JBB Technology in 2018 as my full-time profession. I’m a lifelong Apple customer and am knowledgable, patient, and professional.

I have been a Mac user since I was five. It was a hobby throughout my childhood. I currently have about a dozen clients who have been with me for 12 years. I worked for Apple at the Greenwich, CT store for four years as a Genius. You are getting someone who has followed Apple extremely closely for over 20 years. I have seen their products develop over the years and I see their vision. You are getting someone whose hobby and passion has always been Apple. These add a lot of value to my service.

In addition having someone that has worked for an Apple store is extremely valuable. I didn’t just work for Apple, but I was a Genius. This differentiates my services as I went through Apple’s “genius training program” which they since have stopped doing in the same capacity. I was taught to troubleshoot. I have insider knowledge as to how Apple operates and how their machines operate. This is something you can’t quite get from being self-taught. I repaired computers at Apple and maintain good relationships with former colleagues currently at Apple. I am extremely patient and a good instructor. I am good with my words and make calculated decisions and risks. At Apple, I was the resource that people came to when they had a technical question. Apple hires very wisely. Most of the people at Apple are good people with good people skills. In addition, I can work with integrating non-Apple products and services into your Apple ecosystem which Apple has a strict hand-off approach on.

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Are you getting all these annoying popups telling you to clean your Mac or that your Mac has a problem? Is your Mac sluggish? Are you getting excessive popups or ads online? Is your search browsing experience odd? Malware is likely your problem and I can remove it. You will notice a speedier computer and better battery life.


I have seen my fair share of mail issues with the Mac mail program. Whether it is getting the can’t connect to server message, or constant password prompts, or you need help with managing and organizing mailboxes or emails I can do it all. Also I have recommendations for people who have an inbox with 100,000 emails and want to get a handle on that.


iTunes and Photos has gone through many changes over the years and I’m sure everyone has their stories about their music and photo digital life. I can help restore some familiarity with the program as I have been with them every step of the way since they were launched. I can help go over how your music and photos can be organized and synced via the cloud between all your devices.


Constant Apple ID password prompts? Multiple Apple ID’s? iCloud syncing issues? Don’t understand why contacts and calendars aren’t syncing in their entirety across your devices? Is sharing Apple ID’s with family members causing you issues? I can resolve all of this plus more. I am an iCloud guru and understand how all of the services work inside and out.


We use our devices many hours during the day. If you can save even a minute a day this can add up. I am a definite expert at iOS and MacOS tips and tricks that can save you tons of time. I am extremely knowledgeable about shortcuts and knowing the true best way to do a routine task. Every day I observe people using their phones but not taking advantage of all the features. For example, you don’t have to scroll your finger for what seems like forever each time you need to go to the top of your inbox!


Are you getting the spinning rainbow beachball or is your computer just slow? If your computer is performing slower than you’d like or remember, it could be caused by hardware or software. There are also habits you can build into your workflow that I can discuss with you to improve performance after we have gone over everything else. I feel confident I can address all potential sources of slowness such as hardware upgrades, hardware failures, memory full, unneeded background processes, operating system issues, needed software upgrades, malware, slow internet connection, hardware limitations and more.


Are you constantly getting a storage full prompt on your Mac, iPhone or iPad? This is especially more prominent in the last several years since Apple started shipping their least expensive computers with less storage than they have in the past. This can be super frustrating and can slow down your computer significantly and cause weird behaviors. I am talented at locating exactly what is using up the space on your hard drive including items you had no idea where there and wonder why they were there in the first place. Once we identify the storage eaters, we can discuss deleting files, moving to an external device or to the cloud. There are many creative and convenient options I can discuss with you after we delete unneeded items if we still need more space.


I have taught countless individual training and group training sessions while at the Apple store. The most consistent piece of feedback I’ve gotten from clients is that I am extremely patient and knowledgeable. I have been told my many people that I am a very good teacher and am good at explaining complex tech concepts simply. I had a lot of practice doing this at Apple. On top of this I have been trained from the manufacturer.


Does getting a new device and transferring your information intimidate you? I understand that and am happy to help with that process and make sure all your data stays intact through the transfer process. A lot of times when you get a new device it comes shipped with newer software than your previous computer and therefore that means changes that may seem confusing. I can help ease this transition and make sure you feel confident using your new machine. I can make sure desired information like photos, contacts, calendars, notes, passwords, files, and email syncs between your other devices. I am also talented at figuring out why these may not be syncing.


Macs are fairly maintenance free and have regular updates issued by Apple but sometimes need some software maintenance after a few years of use. What I usually incorporate in a checkup is checking for the most up to date software for your system, checking on backup status, freeing up storage, checking for malware, checking for unused programs running in the background, adjusting settings that I recommend changing and providing useful day to day tips. As you use your Mac, keep a list of any little issues that come up and when we visit, we can run through that list together.


Everyone thinks negatively of passwords but it is an essential part of the tech world. In my opinion there is no ideal solution for password management but I can provide advice for the options out there and make recommendations. I can get you set up with a password manager that will keep track of your passwords for you and autofill them when needed. They will be synced across your devices. No more remembering passwords and which version you have for what site. I haven’t reset a password due to forgetting in years and am very well protected!


“I rarely feel compelled to write a testimonial mostly because I’m not sure people believe them, and I’m so busy running my consulting business that I never find the time. If you’re lucky enough to have Julian Brugo (JBB Technology) work on your computers, printers, and smartphones, then you’ll know why I needed to share my experience. 

I came to know about Julian’s company through a Google search. We had just purchased a new MacBook Pro, and it needed to be set-up in advance of an offsite client assignment. I had three days before I would be leaving town for six weeks. 

When I reached out to Julian for help, his response was near-instant. Within 24 hours, he was in my home office. Julian charges hourly, and what astounded me most was how quickly he worked. 

The list of items he took care of looked like this:
• Move the data from the older MacBook Pro and optimize it so I could bring it to my employee;
• Make sure the data was being backed up to the Time Machine; and,
• Fix a variety of iPhone issues.

It’s been months since that initial emergency, and I’ve had Julian back to do more work because it saves time, and I trust him. 

Julian asks smart questions when he detects that something might not be working correctly. That’s the reason my wireless printer is now working wirelessly.

As for his character, Julian is patient beyond measure and kind too!”

— S.R.

“Second Julian, just used him last week, I highly recommend.”

— T.F.

“I recently had Julian come to my home to help with my MAC laptop operating system. He was truly a genius, very patient and helpful. We also addressed some longtime issues like music and storage that I haven’t had time to deal with. It’s a great feeling to have a personal computer assistant - Finally someone looking out for me plus the benefit of not having to go to an apple store is a huge relief. I strongly recommend him for any MAC issues.”

— R.P.

“Just wanted to report back on Julian Brugo, a former Apple genius who was recommended on Nextdoor. He was terrific! He helped me back up my computer, helped speed it up, hooked up a WiFi printer, helped me change a password on our WiFi and fixed/boosted our WiFi so Fire TV actually works again. He’s a great guy - remarkably knowledgeable and really patient (I learned a lot myself). I will happily use him again and am happy to recommend him!”

— G.M.

“I had the pleasure of working with Julian last week on my Mac. I thought I was reasonably Mac-savvy, but he taught me so much in a short amount of time, and we were able to neatly resolve all the computer issues that have been plaguing me for ages. I highly recommend him! Smart, patient, and super nice guy as well.”

— A.F.

“…As you may remember, he is not only tech savvy (a former Apple genius) but he is also an excellent teacher…

— A.F.

“…A few years ago, we were fortunate to have Julian Brugo helping us with our various technology issues. Julian is not only very tech savvy but also an excellent teacher. He went on to work as an “Apple Genius” . It is our good fortune that he has left Apple and opened his own business…

— A.F. & E.F.

“…Myself and my daughter, E., had appts at the Genius Bar regarding my iMac and her laptop.  We were graciously greeted, as always, by someone at the front who immediately escorted us to the check in for the Genius Bar. After waiting 20 min or so past our scheduled time, we were greeted by Julian Brown Brugo.  He immediately started to help us both with our issues as they were both pretty complicated.

As we were waiting for things to download, he immediately went to the next customer so they wouldn’t have to wait.  At one point, he was probably assisting 3 or 4 people. His ability to multi task is amazing and he never made one of his customers wait more than 5 min or so without coming back to them to make sure they were not ignored.
He is extremely professional, very smart and knowledgeable in his field.  I so thoroughly enjoyed watching him help so many people at once, I had forgotten that we were there for 2 hours.
So instead of walking out the Apple Store with a negative experience because of the wait and time, he made it a positive one.
You have a very valuable employee and I hope that you will recognize him as being so…”

— J.H.

“Julian quickly fixed the problem I had with my Mac and went on to check for other potential problems. He installed needed updates on both the Mac and my iPad and had ready answers to all of my questions. I couldn’t be more pleased with his work.”

— E.B.

“…Thanks for all your help. You are a special person and have a great life ahead of you… ”

— C.T.

“I used to use this young man for computer issues until he went to work for Apple. He can fix anything and is now back in business. He’s in Greenwich.”

— J.O.

“My family has been benefiting from Julian Burgo’s computer skills (see below) for more than five years.
I’m forwarding his contact numbers if/when you have computer issues. He is amiable and 
exceptionally effective in computer problem-solving and our collective computer-educations.”

— J.M.

“Julian,  Many thanks to you for your fine advice.  I am sorry to learn that you will not be available.  However, I am glad that you have an opportunity about which you are excited. I wish you the best of luck and hope this will be a jumping off point to further good things...”

— L.R.

“…They both speak so highly of you that I have hope that you can help me…”

— C.B.

“Congratulations!! We’re so happy for you. We also feel so lucky that we were able to work with you even for a little while. You were a great help. Best of luck in this new endeavor. I know you will do very well!”

— C.B. & N.B.

“OMG, I am so excited, I have been posting at GHS and no-one responds…Congratulations!”

— J.S.

“Congratulations! Will you be a “genius” there? They are lucky to have you.”

— J.O.

“Congratulations Julian. I knew they would not pass up the chance to hire a great guy with lots of computer knowledge. Good luck!”

— J.I.

“Congratulations! Apple’s gain is our loss. You are so well suited for the job with your exceptional technical expertise and extraordinary patience. If you can work with us, you can work with anyone.”

— A.F. & E.F.

“Julian, I am so happy for you but sad for me. I will come in and torture you! Congrats, and good luck!”

— J.S.

“My family and I have relied on Julian Brugo for computer help for many years. He is knowledgeable and gracious. We are in awe of his computer smarts and his detailed and simply-stated solutions.”

— J.M.

“We just worked with a former Apple Genius (bar) expert who lives In cos cob...he’s terrific!! And his hourly rate very reasonable.”

— D.D.

“There is a great guy named Julian right here on Nextdoor who is a former Apple Genius consultant for 10 years. He has a lot to of very satisfied customers from Nextdoor and prices are very reasonable too. He posts regularly and is probably listed is the recommendations.”

— C.J.

“Recently moving into North Stamford we found ourselves once again trying to set up our computers and printers unsuccessfully. We contacted Julian and we set up an appointment for him to help us out. Julian is absolutely a genius as he set everything up for us within the timeframe he estimated. Our experience found Julian to also be a gentleman and made sure to check off all of our issues and took care of others that popped up. We would absolutely use his expertise again should the need arise.”

— E.R.

“I can personally recommend Julian without reservations! He is knowledgeable, efficient, and very professional. He quickly fixed several issues with my Mac and our Wifi and set up a reliable backup system, which I was sorely lacking.”

— J.L.

“Julian resolved issues very quickly with my Apple products. Very professional I would highly recommend him.”

— P.F.

“Julian is great- and very patient. I ask a LOT of questions.”

— L.P.

“I use Julian Brugo. He is excellent, however more than $25 an hour. Julian is worth every single penny.”

— J.M.

“He has been our “on call” consultant for years. A former Apple Genius Desk staffer and now an independent consultant in the Stamford/Greenwich area. I really suggest you get help from a technician who has worked for Apple or Microsoft. Don’t ask someone who works for a community college or some corporate IT department to help you. IT systems are too valuable to waste on people who happen top be someone’s friend. Julian is not my friend. He is a professional and I use him only because he really knows what he is doing.”

— R.P.

“I needed help a while ago with my Apple devices. I found Julian Brugo (203 570-7814) on this site: Next-door. He has worked as an Apple genius and then started his own business. He is very capable, pleasant to work with and really knows Apple merchandise. He will come to your house. I was very happy with him.”

— M.W.

“Thank you for Julian the genius! He’s a wonderful soul with a sweet gift! Thank you for sending him my way!!!”

— J.C.

“Many thanks. You, sir, are special!”

— C.T.

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